Bespoke Consulting, Training
& Development

In order to meet the specific requirements of professionals operating in the Luxury Hospitality sector, MF FORMAPRO  can provide: the undertaking of an audit of training and development needs throughout the business ; the delivery of bespoke training and development programmes for staff at all levels.

Since 2010, MF FORMAPRO has been providing assistance which has led to the success of companies in the luxury hospitality sector through training and development programmes.

« MF FORMAPRO is highly experienced in the area of luxury hospitality as a result of operating in the sector for fifteen years, undertaking a wide range of positions in many companies including Hilton and Lucien Barrière…

The sense of service it is to return ordinary extraordinary!

Testimonies customers

“We called on Melinda to lead several trainings with our employees. Melinda has been very educational, professional and available. It has mastered its subjects and offers relevant training adapted to the hotel industry, and its flexibility can be appropriate for small, medium and large structures.”

M.P, Human Resources and Administrative Assistant

“Through her professionalism and significant experience in the hospitality industry, Melinda knows how to adapt her speech to the well-trained public and to the various problems encountered on the ground. She is a passionate trainer who knows how to transmit her knowledge in an illustrated and playful way. We would love to collaborate with Melinda again!”

M.B, HR Project Manager

“Two successive years of collaboration with MF | FORMAPRO allowed us to appreciate the professionalism and dynamism of this consulting firm. Our needs are understood to deploy the appropriate resources and skills to achieve the goals. The work accomplished by Melinda has fully met our expectations.”

A.B, HR Manager

“MF | FORMAPRO responds perfectly to the current expectations of our professions of passion and sharing. In full compliance with the needs of our clients, Melinda offers a precise and always pedagogical answer to the professionals who use it. MF | FORMAPRO is a must and an essential in the luxury hotel industry.”

C.L, Head of Training

“The success of your company depends on the know-how of your employees. As an expert in the luxury hotel business, Melinda is passionate about actions such as hospitality, service, sales promotion and claims management.”

R.G, Head of Training

“I had the pleasure and the honor of meeting Melinda in the field of training and I immediately perceived at home a woman accomplished in her trade. His charisma, his professionalism, his ease in communication, his determination really seduced me. Beyond her certain qualities for the coaching and transmission of knowledge and skills, Melinda is a real business woman!”

C.T, Hotel Operations Consultant



The MF FORMAPRO  approach provides teams and individuals with the means of updating their knowledge and competencies using participative exercises which enable participants to apply their newly acquired skills in a safe environment.



All of our programmes, which can be delivered in French or English, are designed specifically to meed the needs of teams or individuals.  The approach combines theory, dedicated case studies and experiences by the trainers.


MF | FORMAPRO is part of a certification process. The ICPF & PSI certification allows, by means of an audit, to attest to the conformity with the reference system based on the relevant ISO or AFNOR standards. It brings the recognition of training and consulting professionals and allows you to be referenced by funders.

Trainee feedback

The training has met all my expectations … I now have the keys to succeed in a daily welcome.

Elise T.

Interactive training and interesting content.

Laurent H.

The content was clear and precise, with both theoretical and practical training.

Marion M.

Interactive and dynamic training! Thank you Melinda.

Christelle C.

Very rewarding training.

Sabrina P.

Very good trainer smiling, efficient and educational

Julie B.