Whether they are internal or external, sales people must have “core” skills inherent to their profession, but also other so-called “complementary” skills., in order to be able to face the present and future problems facing the hotel and restaurant sector. For example, artificial intelligence comes both in support of their business approach, and as a relentless evaluator of their performance through the recording and analysis of their remote trading.

Thus, the development of the skills of the sales staff in the hospitality sector has become a major strategic challenge both for the recovery of its activity and in the support to change the practices of a business that is no longer practiced as before the crisis sanitary.

The CHR’s entrepreneurs must be able to be strengthened in their external recruitment and in their internal mobility measures in order to build effective sales forces.

Thus, the “360° training for excellence marketing in hotel catering” backed by the “Negotiate and sell hotel services face to face and in distance” certification The aim is to provide an effective and concrete response in line with the skills sought by companies in the sector.

The certification “Negotiate and sell hotel services face to face and in distance” is currently being registered in the specific Directory established by France Compétences.


  • Understand Customer’s explicit and implicit needs and expectations
  • Acquire “salespeople” reflexes to be the force of proposals in all appropriate situations
  • Adopt new behaviours/ business line, integrating a commercial dimension: understand that sales are a source of loyalty
  • Know how to present the offer in terms of customer benefit
  • Know how to propose and carry out additional and cross-selling
  • Know the techniques of suggestive sales
  • Know how to manage objections, and make sales rebounds sell in “multimodal” (“remote selling”, trade shows, etc.)

Program and Content

  • The programme is available on the website of our co-certifying partner: click here

Who is it for?

  • Commercial/Commercial Attaché
  • Large Accounts and Commercial Relationship
  • Operations Manager (100 bedroom plant)
  • Sales manager
  • Sales agent
  • Tour Coordinator
The pedagogical course of this training is built on a subtle combination of theoretical contributions and scenarios: at the end of the training, the participants have resources and skills that can be used in their daily lives.

  • Many situations, to promote the anchoring of acquired knowledge
  • Regular follow-up of the trainees, to encourage their professional development
  • Training methods: either 100% face-to-face, or 100% remote (virtual classes), or “blended” (mixed face-to-face + virtual classes)
  • Details on the face-to-face modality: the training sessions alternate between a training room, equipped with a video projector, a paperboard, and all the materials/accessories conducive to good teaching, and real or reconstructed “field” situations.

Prerequisite: Fluency in French (training provided in this language).

  • To register: an initial telephone interview is conducted to verify that your expectations and needs are in line with the objectives of this training. Then we will send you registration documents (registration form, contract or training agreement)
  • We summarize all the useful and legal information related to this training (detailed programme, confirmation of schedules, methods of animation, evaluation methods, projected dates, etc.)
  • Registration is effective after receipt of the required documents, and the regulation (depending on the legal framework in force), or its confirmation.
  • Registration requests can be sent up to 10 days before the beginning of the training.
  • Accommodation, food and transportation will not be included in the training rate that will be communicated to you
  • Accessible
  • Concerned about the quality of the reception of people with disabilities, we advise you to contact our services to study possible adaptation measures, according to your specific situation. We can also – if necessary – direct you to our network of experts in the field of disability, to facilitate your learning. The attention of the client (Management and/or HRD) is drawn to the access modalities for people with disabilities. We provide them with the list of actors allowing their orientation. This is specified in each commercial proposal.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you with your application for funding (CPF, or other professional training).
  • Individual objectives and knowledge gains will be collected:
    • INTER training: by telephone or videoconference, before the final registration, in order to validate the adaptation of the profiles to the announced contents.
    • INTRA training: via exchanges with the training manager or project manager, before the start of the training, to adapt the program which will be personalized, if necessary.
    • Quizzes and multiple-choice tests can also be used to assess the learners’ level of knowledge.
  • Training backed by the certification “Negotiate and sell hotel services face to face and in distance”.
  • Reconstructed oral scenario exercises, case studies
  • Possibility to upgrade skills not acquired (according to our modalities defined in our general regulations of downloadable certification (see link below).

Targeted competencies

The competency and assessment framework consists of the following 10 (ten) competencies:

0 heures
minimum (depending on your issues / customized)

Evaluation of the skills acquired through the training

  • At the end of each session, a satisfaction questionnaire is given to the trainees (or sent by email, for online data entry). We inform annually of the synthesis of the results obtained.
  • This training is linked to the certification “Negotiate and sell hotel services face to face and remotely”, of which FRENCH TOUCH ATTITUDE is a co-certifying organization.

  • Reconstructed oral scenario exercises, case studies

  • Possibility to take a remedial test for non-acquired skills (according to the terms and conditions defined in our general certification rules that can be downloaded (see link).